A terrific tool to download YouTube videos

April 16, 2008

I plan to go to New York this weekend to visit an old buck, but I find it difficult to depart when I searched out the complete series of Heroes on Metacafe last night. It is Saturday today. You see I am kind of in dilemma, though I know my friend there is also a zealous Heroes fan, and he may excuse me for not visiting him. Fortunately, at that moment the iPod I received from my old friend last year captures my attention. It has been a lay figure, because I seldom take time to listen any melody through it. I begin to fancy watching all these wonderful videos on this deserted gadget. So I just googled “watch Youtube, Metacafe videos on iPod”, only to realize that what an old-fashioned cyber Royd I’ve been. A lot of downloaders lining up for me. I came across PQ FLV Downloader, a software with pro-environment green interface. Very easy to use, especially suitable for me, an ever non-computer-geek. I bet even those who never downloads a video in their lives can use it freely. As for the speed, it may be the fastest gadget I’ve ever used, as if rushing onto my hard disc, and then soon into my iPod with its DVD ideo converter in its updated version PQ FLV Downloader Pro. A real all-in-one solution for iPod users. On the other hand, you won’t miss a preview of these loved videos during its download process. You just go your way, and it’s up to this YouTube video download tool to do the whole job. Any way, it finally helps me save several episodes of Heroes onto the playlist of my iPod before I set out on my trip. I would surely show off these videos before my friend. I suggest you try this download YouTube tool, even if you never plan to buy one.


Reducing any buffering, an ideal YouTube video download tool

March 24, 2008

pq flv downloader

Have you ever come across “buffering” in watching YouTube videos? I did. Bad luck for me. YouTube has been slow for me for a couple of weeks now. God knows why. Quite annoying, just imagine how it tortures me when it pauses once and again, and I have to wait forever to continue. Nobody for me to turn for help. So I begin to find ways of downloading some videos onto my hard drive. Then I googled out a dozen of YouTube video downloader, and have to try one by one. To my disappointment, some programs have so far done nothing to make me watch it easier and everything to delay the playing: The software “buffers” itself, even slower than viewing on line. What’s worse, it seems some carries a load of adware or spyware, nearly making my system freeze. In fear of any unknown virus that may come, this PQ FLV Downloader was my last resort. It turned to be a good download tool. Use-friendly interface, the color green giving you a refreshing feeling. The point is that it can make the download faster and smoother. You will never be annoyed by the buffering offline, right? A lot more to say about this amazing

Try it to download some favorite videos before you buy it, and you will find it an ideal tool.

Enjoy 2008 new hollywood movies on your iPhone,PSP or iPod

March 5, 2008

  Congratulations to “There Will be Blood, Atonement…, goodbye to Juno, Dan-lewis, Michael Clayton, Marlon Cottillard, and “The Counterfeiters”. I, like most zealous hollywood fans, begin to pin expectation for the “coming soon” films this year.Horton Hears a Who; Miss Pettigrew lives for a day; Sex and the city; Prom Night; Smart People; The Happening; Sex and Death; Shutter; 21; Nim’s Island,etc.

Last night, I searched all of them–of course, only the trailers–out on Youtube in one go, but no  time left to enjoy them unless the weekend comes. I fancy watching them on my ipod, iphone or psp in subway. it would not only help me kill my time, but save time too. Then, I desperately googled youtube video download tool at midnight, and glad to find a new tool about which a lot of surfers are crazily talking.PQ FLV DOWNLOADER.It is  said to be albe to download any flv videos with amazing speed, and even allows you to convert them onto your ipod/iphone/psp/pocket pc. Out of curiorsity, I tried the perfect version of the software-PQ FLV Downloader PRO.     Very easy to use, and a pleasing simple interface. You don’t even have to input any url,and all work is done by the software itself. In addition, the download speed turned to be fantastic, at least much faster than I expected. Frankly, I was attracted by its process, for it’s easy to see that within the free built-in player it provides, the green line(play)walks while the gray line(download) even rushes!!! to the end, your hard disk. May be it’s just how their named Rush Delivery and Multithread techonology work. Whatever, I got ten movie trailers within five minutes. The point is that you can also see and download it at the same time. Then with a converter contained in it, I turned all these wonderful trailers onto my ipod the next morning before I got to work.i have reason to be glad about it.
In a word, a series of Downloaders emerge every day, but only a few are worth to try or even worth to buy. Here, i’m willing to share with you the best of the best. PQ FLV Downloader is just the one to pick.

Refer to http:/www.pqdvd.com/download-youtube-videos-tool.html

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March 5, 2008

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